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The Hologo story began on September 2017, when 3 of it's founders took 5 Augmented Reality educational demos to an Apple Distinguished Schools training seminar in the UK. After seeing the reaction from innovative educators in the room that day, a team was formulated and partnerships were formed with the singular focus of revolutionizing the education industry for teachers and students. Today, our flagship app is used in over 130 countries with an educational library that comprises of hundreds of experiences and multiple engagement features. We take pride in the fact that Hologo is playing an active role in educating kids across top tier private schools across the world as well as educating children in rural villages in the far corners of the world who are armed with smartphones.

Our team was build with shared values of changing the world for the better by bringing education and technology together. Hologo is the result of a group of educators from United Kingdom, Finland, India, Australia and Maldives coming together with innovative software developers and 3D artists.

Today, Hologo has representation in the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, The Maldives and Australia. We are keen to grow and actively seeking to partner with like minded and innovative companies around the world that share our values.







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It has been our privilege to collaborate and partner with amazing companies and individuals across the world.

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