The Power of AR in Education.

Augmented Reality (AR) is going to shape our future and broaden our horizons in ways we have never imagined! Hologo Education is at the forefront of transforming your learning experience in your classroom and in your homes.

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Hologo is made for
students, teachers, schools, colleges, universities
and lifelong learners.

We are Educational

Hologo is made for Education! Where ever you maybe, look through the lens of your device into your real world and get projections of lifelike virtual images and animations customized for learning.

We are Interactive

Hologo is an Immersive Experience! With Hologo you can choose an experience, walk up to and around the educational AR models. Users can zoom in and break apart objects and dive deep into the models.

We are Social

Hologo is a Social Learning Environment! Teachers network with students and record lessons over the AR experiences. We are an environment where students will be able to view their AR models synchronized with their teachers' voice.

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