Creating extraordinary human beings

We are all about education for all in cutting edge technologies such as Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

The Hologo World mission is to create the next generation of extraordinary human beings! Join us to change the lives of students regardless of where they come from or their socio economic background.

Hologo is the brainchild of leading educators, artists and technologists that have come together to deliver a stimulating education experience for educators, students and lifelong learners.


"When students are used to playing Playstation and Xboxes at home and are subjected to only textbooks at school, there is a degree of frustration.", states Apple Distinguished Trainer Mr. Chohan. The Hologo app is introducing a new dimension to the learning experience to stimulate young minds.


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"The biggest challenge in teaching is getting the attention of students. When I open the Hologo app in the classroom, it instantly captivates the students and I am able to command their attention. This makes my teaching experience a whole lot easier!", states Apple Educator Mr. Aflah.


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Are you looking to introduce generation friendly technologies into your school? Once a school subscribes to Hologo, all the students and teachers get access to our augmented reality tools that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Reach out to us to find out more about the amazing offers and support we provide to schools.


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Partners & Distributors

Contact us to learn more about how we can work together. Hologo has been organically downloaded from the AppStore & PlayStore from more 100 countries and we are actively forming partnerships and collaborations around the world. We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in working with us.