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Unleash the power of Hologo AR in Education

STEM Education

Biology | Physics | Chemistry | Maths | Humanities

Hologo STEM education is a growing collection of Augmented Reality educational experiences within the subjects of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Humanities.

All of the AR experiences comes with audio lessons, labels, animations and functions for teachers to voice over their rendition to each AR experience.

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Teleport & Explore the World

Hologo Journeys is a unique function that allows users to virtually teleport across the globe and beyond. Go to The Great Wall of China, The International Space Station, The Egyptian Pyramids and many more.

The journey function is a tool for educators to go beyond their boundries and give students the experience of virtually teleporting to a growing library of destinations all over the world.

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Wild Life

Explore Living Organisms in AR

Hologo Wild Life section is growing library of AR experience that is designed to give users up close and personal experiences with various living creatures.

Bring an elephant into your classroom using Hologo AR and explore how the elephant eats, walks and defends itself.

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